What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a procedure that increases the projection of your chin, often performed to improve facial balance. If you are bothered by a small chin or the way your profile looks, chin augmentation may be indicated. Chin augmentation can be performed by moving the bones of your chin forward or by placing a chin implant. Additionally, your own fat or other filler material can be injected into the chin region to enhance its volume. The procedures to change the appearance of the chin are best performed on people whose head and skull have reached physical maturity, which generally occurs late in adolescence.

Chin implants are specially formed solid materials compatible with human tissues, designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your chin. Common materials for chin implants and other facial implants include solid silicone and porous polyethylene. Chin implants come in different sizes and are placed over the bone. During your consultation, Dr. Hewell and/or Dr. Fischer will determine the type of chin augmentation that is best suited for you.

Chin augmentation can increase the size and projection of a chin that is not in proportion with the forehead and mid-face. People often report that they feel their nose is too big for their face when in reality the nose appears too large because the chin is small. A small or recessed chin can also be described as one that seems to disappear into the neck of an individual of normal weight, rather than appearing as a distinct facial feature.

About the Procedure:

Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedures. The options include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Dr. Hewell and Dr. Fischer will recommend the best option for you. The chin implant is placed through a small incision under your chin, or through an incision inside your mouth along the crease that joins your lower lips and gums.

When choosing between your own fat and other filler materials, Dr. Hewell and Dr. Fischer prefer to use your own fat to augment the chin as it uses your own body for a longer lasting solution. During the procedure, a small cannula will be used to remove excess fat cells from an unwanted area of your body, such as the hips, abdomen, or inner thigh. The fat cells are then concentrated in a centrifuge. The fat cells are then injected into the chin region. This process of moving fat from one area of the body to another is referred to as autologous fat grafting. Approximately 50% of the fat cells that are transferred during fat grafting survive, but the ones that survive are permanent, meaning less need for repeat procedures compared to other filler materials.


The cheek and jawline can also be contoured with implants. These implants are commonly placed through incisions inside the mouth. Cheek implants can enhance the projection of the cheekbones, while jaw implants can strengthen a weak jawline. While the initial outcome of plastic surgery with facial implants is noticeable almost immediately, it will be obscured by visible swelling. It may take several months for swelling to fully dissipate.

Yes, chin augmentation can be combined with other procedures and is very commonly combined with rhinoplasty. Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty work synergistically to improve facial balance.

Yes, chin augmentation can be safely performed in an accredited office-based surgical facility. Dr. Hewell and Dr. Fischer’s office ambulatory surgical facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). Established in 1980, AAAASF holds outpatient and office-based facilities to hospital standards and assures the public that patient safety is the top priority in a facility. Chin augmentation can be performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia at their facility.

Chin augmentation can be performed with local anesthesia under either intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia. Dr. Hewell and/or Dr. Fischer will discuss which anesthesia option is best for you during your consultation.

Dr. Hewell and Dr. Fischer see all of their chin augmentation patients the day after surgery.


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